We take great pride in offering first in class western standards along with in house Middle East know how. We strive to keep our Clients’ interests safe in the region by explaining the risks and opportunities in a practical, efficient and prompt manner. 

International Arbitration

International Arbitration

Arbitration as alternative resolution method to national courts is relevant nationally and internationally. Arbitrators are able to provide the neutrality, expertise, and the quickness that national courts may not always be able to offer.

Our practitioners are versed in the civil and common law systems having significant expertise on the field from its different angles – the institutional, governmental and private practice. They represent clients in arbitrations in the Middle East and internationally and hear cases as members of Arbitral Tribunals.

We represent a varied range of UAE based and international clients in various UAE court appointed, ad hoc, DIAC, Dubai Municipality, ADCCI, DIFC-LCIA, LMAA, ICC, and UNCITRAL arbitrations.

As brief representation of our engagements, we have successfully represented:
  • International companies against UAE government entities in UNCITRAL arbitrations;
  • A significant number of clients seeking the refund of undelivered real estate projects, and construction-related parties seeking payments in back to back construction schemes;
  • Clients seeking the termination of agency and distributorship agreements with Middle East implications;
  • Interests in shareholding disputes with a mix of European and Middle East connector.


We are unique in combining Western and Arab attorneys under a boutique legal platform.

We have solid extensive experience of UAE, regional and multi-jurisdictional litigation.

We pursue cases with vigor at the negotiation stage, and where the circumstances so require before the appropriate forums.

Our advocates have full rights of audience to appear before all UAE courts and tribunals. Our registered DIFC practitioners are well versed in the rules and regulations of the DIFC courts.

Our team has experience in enforcing judgments against both private and public entities worldwide.

As brief representation of our engagements, we have successfully represented international and UAE-based Clients in:
  • Criminal matters: bounced cheques, drug related, or fraud actions;
  • Breach of contract matters seeking the termination of contract and/or compensation;
  • Direct negotiations with counterparts during pre-litigation phases.
Corporate & Commercial

Corporate & Commercial


Our corporate structuring team advises in relation to the structuring of companies, establishment of representative offices or branches onshore or free zone.

In contrast with most jurisdictions abroad, the activities that UAE companies (free zones or onshore companies) can undertake under a commercial license tend to be narrow. Their location will also have an impact on the clients that they can directly transact with. Consequently a careful examination of the company’s modus operandi and projected development is crucial to be undertaken at an early stage.

We advise clients on the initial stages of the structuring having a deep understanding of the region’s business and legal environment.

We have set up onshore companies in all emirates in UAE and all Dubai and Abu Dhabi Free zones, and in the most reliable free zones in the northern emirates of the UAE.


We advise clients in the drafting, revision and negotiations of a wide range of commercial contracts and joint ventures, taking pride of our specialization in agency, distribution, franchising, and governmental procurement – the latter on the field of transportation and infrastructures.

Our lawyers have experience in a range of sectors, including: energy, retail, education, health, pharmaceutical, construction, transportation, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, and sports.

In brief reference to our engagements, we have successfully and extensively assisted international clients in:
  • the drafting of agency and exclusive distributorship agreements with Middel East based agents and distributors;
  • the revision of procurement contracts and conducted direct negotiations with the relevant governmental departments.
  • the closing of transactions related to oil & gas and renewable energies.
Labor & Employment

Labor & Employment

We assist clients in the provision of (i) punctual advise, (ii) visa processing solutions, (iii) guidance on employer-employees relations during the life of the employment, (iv) representation in pre-litigation negotiations and before the appropriate authorities including free zones, Ministry of Labor and UAE courts.

Our team of Western and Arab lawyers ensures that these matters are treated with the appropriate and required legal and cultural adequacy and sensibility.

We have ample experience in labor engagements in free zones and UAE onshore matters.

On mode of brief example of matters on which we often advise:
  • Advising companies in hiring and in termination procedures, including immigration and visa processing or cancellation;
  • Representing employees dismissed arbitrarily; or employers dismissing employees for serious cause before the UAE courts;
  • Giving opinion on cross-jurisdictional employments as it may be the case of employees working by the mother company and the UAE Company – receiving benefits under both jurisdictions.
Real Estate

Real Estate

International investors can own property in the UAE in designated free hold areas. Expatriates living in the UAE tend to rent their homes their first years, having more and more residents purchasing homes after a reasonable number of years in the country. Parallel practice we tend to observe in international companies setting up practice in the UAE.

Our real estate team has extensive experience in the drafting of suitable sale and purchase agreements, tenancy agreements and the structuring of real estate holding in the UAE and beyond.

We often assist in the drafting and legalization of powers of attorney and corporate documents (when the buyer or seller are entities) in transactions with a UAE connector.

In brief reference to our engagements, we have successfully and extensively assisted clients in:
  • the structuring of offshore holding structures to mitigate Sharia mandatory provisions;
  • giving advice to landlords and tenants on their rights and obligations.
  • representing clients in the purchase or sale procedures of UAE-based real estate.
Legal Advice

Legal Advice

We assist clients in making the most suited decision by preparing practical opinions identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, along with a recommended course of action.

As brief representation of our engagements, we have successfully assisted Clients in:
  • Advising on viability of success of potential litigation; and consequent negotiation strategy.
  • Recommending the most suitable corporate structure.
  • Giving opinion on most recommended manner to protect assets.