The Middle East is a region in constant growth. The population of the UAE only has nearly doubled every 5 years since the 1960s.

The census increase is exponentially impacted by the fluency of expatriates seeking quality products and the general consumerist ambiance in the region. The free flow of goods within the Gulf Cooperation Council and the openness of the UAE in terms of bureaucracy and cultural expectations make this country a very appealing regional hub. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and India are sought after markets easily accessible from the UAE. Iran recent changes create a worth to look after market.

Our team of Middle East specialists assists commercial and institutional clients in the assessment of their competitiveness in the region and provides them with a proven platform from which to centralize operations in the region.

Country Briefs

Country Briefs

Rubert & Partners assists major commercial clients and institutions in the preparation of the first collection of data.

A country brief is the first step necessary to select – generally among a significant number of potential markets –, a few on which further inquiry will be pursued.

At this initial level, we look into tariff import levels, possible non-tariff barriers and repatriation restrictions; together with import statistics of the requesting country and the export country.

This analysis assists our Clients to visualize the markets on which further data is desirable.
Market Studies

Market Studies

Rubert & Partners prepares market studies for commercial clients and institutions.

Market studies comprise:
  • Foreign trade statistics of the export country;
  • A brief description of the market and its main characteristics;
  • Lists of potential importers / distributors.
  • Pricing information;
  • Distribution channels;
  • Market share of local competing firms;
  • Consumption habits and other aspects of the marketing of the goods or services in the target market: labeling, common forms of advertising and promotion;
  • Recommended Fairs and Exhibitions;
  • Procedures and costs for setting up a representation office or trading company or any applicable corporate structure.

Market studies are the most suitable option for Clients eager to sell their products or services yet unaware of current market conditions including competitiveness of their pricing and how to approach potential business partners.
Business Plans

Business Plans

Rubert & Partners assists clients in the preparation of business plans developing business ideas. An idea that has worked in the country of origin may need a different approach when entering a new country.

This is of crucial importance in areas with high competition – even if there is high demand! –; as it is the case of the Middle East.

How can I obtain a positive response from investors or the market?

A Business Plan is a guide for the entrepreneur, covering:
  • Description of the business;
  • Analysis of the market circumstances;
  • Recommended actions;
  • Recommended strategy in terms of promotion, manufacturing, logistics and marketing; along with
  • **All the information contained in a Market Study and Country Brief.

A Business Plan serves as internal guidance to the entrepreneur. It is an ultimate green light to the business project containing a detailed layout of steps in order to obtain success with the project. In the alternative a Business Plan does stress potential weaknesses of the business concept and selects the aspects that would need improvement prior to making an entry into the market.
Agenda Planning

Agenda Planning

Rubert & Partners provides confirmed business agendas for Clients to undertake direct visits to potential business partners.

In parallel to Country Briefs or Business Plans, a trip to the jurisdiction may serve as a suitable opportunity to test the suitability of products or services. They are often paired to visits to trade shows in the region. As part of our scope we coordinate stands in the trade show of choice of our Clients.

Our team not only prepares the agendas but also accompanies Clients to the meetings (if required) and assists Clients in any post-actions that may be required after our Clients’ return to their country of origin.
Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Rubert & Partners imports products to the UAE and redistributes in the region.

We are determined to achieve our Clients’ strategic goals and build trustful and coordinated synergies. The success of a commercial undertaking abroad requires coordinated team work: the product experts’ – our Clients –, and those with expertise in the international market – Rubert & Partners.

Among our services, we offer:
  • Transport and warehouse storage;
  • Advise on documents required for import;
  • Registration of products with the authorities;
  • Handling the testing of products with authorities;
  • Translation and tag guidelines;
  • Sourcing distribution channels;
  • Display of products in our premises;
  • Marketing products in the UAE and region;
  • Assistance in trade shows;
  • Conference room and working station availability during Clients’ visits

**Our services can be offered integrally or separately in line with our Clients’ requirements in the region.